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OBT....that last one started getting off track so I am starting this one in the hopes of condensing the ideas and wishes to one location.

In a nutshell you want a NEW org simillar to the ASA, IBO, NFAA that caters to just the tournament archer, Is that a fair statement?

In a nutshell what I am proposing is a NEW org similar to the NRA that GOVERNS all the sub orgs like the ASA, IBO etc.

In my model I can see the following as how it would work:

The main Org call it the NAA (National Archery Association) would be the governing body for any and all smaller indepenadant organizations to join. Examples: ASA, IBO, NFAA, even the MFG level orgs like ATA!

Now we have ONE source of compilation of rules, regulations, Publications......the list goes on.

The funding would be as follows from the bottom up.

Members pay dues to the NAA as a member. Has benefits such as discounts on sporting supplies, services and the right to attend ANY sanctioned event.

Clubs pay a fee to the Org to be able to hold sanctioned events and use the NAA or any sub Acronyms in the advertising for the event. Not a member of the Org then your shoot is a non-named can't say anything more than it is a fun shoot!

MFG's pay a memebrship to have the right to display at any event. Not a Adds in get the picture.

Other Orgs such ATA I am sure there others belong so that we have one source of publications and maybe even buying power for the local small pro-shops!

Now from this model we the following:
ONE database with shooters and their scores per event. This will allow for a national ranking so we don't have ASA 'A' shooters down in 'C' to make some money..... maybe a bad example but you see the point.

ONE set of rules that must be followed in order to have a sanctioned event. This is also important to note that your club can still have an IBO, or an ASA shoot......(not the mixed bag of bybrid junk we have now). Wouldn't that be nice!!!! Maybe even have one of each and see whats more pupular within your local clubs membership

Those top two are the most important and beneficial....

So OBT...... what do you have in mind.....put it down in one master list and lets see where this can go. I am NOT competing with you brother! I am excited to talk about this and for once perhaps DO something about it and see it happen.
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