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New property/treestand placement input

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I recently got permission to hunt a new piece of property in Southern Maine which is 70ish acres (yellow lines outline property). I haven't gotten to scout the property yet, but have on neighboring properties which had a lot of good deer sign. I am not great at reading topo maps and knowing what to look for on them. I didn't know if someone could point me in the right direction of where to start looking. I hope to head out there tomorrow and do some scouting!


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i dont see real obvious pinch points or funnels. if it were me, i'd walk that creek and look for crossing points/trails. that bend in the creek when it turns hard back to the north might be a spot worth checking out. i'd also try to find the thickest/nastiest part of the whole property or the nearby properties as potential bedding areas.

i dont know what the primary food sources are in Maine, but i'd be on the look out for acorns or any other sort of browse that the deer might nibble on.
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