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I am new to Traditional Archery. I have been reading mostly and watching videos on various techniques and advice. It led me to the Samick Sage 30# as my first Bow to work on form. I look forward to my first range lesson. I am going to get some arrows that work with my 30# Sage. I have a 28.5" draw as measured with the Easton Arrow Gage but I am not consistent with that yet as i am trying to get a feel for my anchor point. I have worked a bit with the online spine calculator on 3Rivers website and found several arrows that may work for that bow. Does anyone have experience with the Carbon Express Predator II 800? 30" shafts with Amped-XS nocks [9g] Half Out inserts [46g] field point [75g] 3x5 feathers for fletching, this seems to get the arrow spine close to the sage. I also looked at the Easton 1816 Aluminum, 1814 X7, Carbon One 810, Red line 780, they all appear to spine well for the sage but some seem expensive for starter arrows. The CE P II 800 were reasonably priced...

Samick Sage 30#
Draw Length = 28.5"
D97 FF 14 Strand

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