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So yes I had to put new serving on my string as it started to fray. So as you all know this stinks sometimes cause could change evrethink and my bow is dead nuts tuned and on.

since strings/cables are not under warranty and I didn’t want to just cut the serving and burn it then super glue. I think this is just a bandaid. we discussed redoing serving and keeping loop the same location.

so the tech took off knock set and reserved. He was able to get everything right back to where is was. He did say no need for top knocking tie in only lower. Even the loop is exact and I’m real happy with that.

before I left the tech said let me take that back and see if I can put twist in it. He gave the bow back and asked me to shoot it for a little to see if the loop eventually comes around. I did my research beforehand and depending on how tight lose the serving is it can mess up the rotation.

I just don’t like how it looks at rest. I will say when I draw back the peep and sight housing are lined up. Every few shots I do turn peep slightly to the right. Most all arrows are flying true. Every now and then I get one that looks like a fish tail left.

here is the pic at rest. I think you will know what I’m talking about and how to fix this. Also when I pull loop back to strait it with my fingers I feel the tension as it wants to go back. Perhaps this is why I’m getting the fishtail. Can’t tell with thumb release only finger and thumb.

thanks and sorry for being long winded.
Wow! I hadn't seen this post. That's the saddest thing I've seen all day (which still means it's a pretty good day).🤣

I'm sure AT members who own bow shops absolutely cringe when they see posts like this. Their shops may be great, but this is bad PR for bow shops in general. That bow tech is a his own mirror.

You could go DIY on a lot of things with a $100 portable press, like a Synnum. Tying D-loops is so simple, you usually don't need a press--except in this case where you're probably gonna need to adjust your string twist to get the peep aligned back right.

Maybe some AT member could recommend a good shop near you, until you get your own DIY
operation running. At least you'd be shooting again. I've seen countless AT members tie a better D-loop on there first try than that "expert" did.
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