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Visit for more details and to get your REVERSIBLE SLEEVE?ARM GUARD today! At only $22.95 these are a great deal!

Arm Guard Rain Jacket Cropped Sized.jpg

The Reversible Sleeve/Arm Guard helps maximize your accuracy by preventing your bowstring from slapping your rain jacket or bulky hunting apparel causing errant shots! It also works great as an arm guard only!

Camo Side Arm Guard Sized Cropped.jpg

Go from the archery tournament to the tree-stand, simply turn the Reversible Sleeve/Arm Guard inside out to reveal the digital camouflage pattern!

Arm Guard Cropped Sized.jpg

Because it is form fitting, it works great as an armguard only...perfect for JOAD organizations!

Constructed from 3mm Neoprene on each side with Heavy Duty Commercial grade Spandex gussets in-between, the material form fits to the individual allowing protection, comfort, movement and mobility!
With three different sizes to choose from!
To figure out the size you need, measure your wrist diameter and the diameter of your forearm just below the elbow and see the size chart below. This material will stretch to accommodate normal rain gear, sweat shirts, and medium weight jackets.
Size Wrist Diameter Forearm Diameter
Small 5” to 6-1/2” 7” to 10-3/4”
Medium 6-1/2” to 8-1/2” 10-3/4” to 14-1/2”
Large 8” to 11-1/2” 14” to 17-1/2”

• Great for 3-D shoots/ tournaments!
• Great for Hunting! Reversible Digital Camouflage inside!
• Makes excellent arm guards for JOAD Programs!
• Use it as a beverage Koozie after a successful hunt!
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