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New to arrow making-another whisker bicuit?

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I just purchased a Jo Jan with a straight and a right helical clamp, and I have a question about fletching my GT 5575's. I bought some Vanetec 2" HPs to put on my arrows with custom wraps from bowmanhunter, but I was wondering if I should use the straight clamp with offset or the right helical since I use a whisker biscuit and shoot fixed blades.

Previously I have had my arrows fletched by HokieHunter07 using a left helical with no problems, but I was wondering if an offset would be even better.

Thanks in advance for your help (and with my question about the stuck insert).

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agree with petev, offset would be better through the WB. too much angular contact with a helical. thats what i was told when i asked, but i have never tried it. you could fletch one or two (i probbably would do it without the wrap to test) in the helical and offset and see which shoots better. should be able to see it in flight out of the rest and see if you are getting a wacky flight with the helical
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