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Hello and thanks for looking inside.

I'm new to compound shooting. But, I have been shooting my Martin Jaguar for a few years now started at 35lb and now at 45lb with a NAP Centerest Flipper RH Arrow Rest, no site. I shoot at my club for the casual summer league and when ever I can get some shooting in. Last week I score a 193 :) Highest score this season.

So back to my question; first details. I am a bit smaller than most males my age. I am 22, 170, 6ft but my arms don't extend all the the my draw length for my PSE Chaos is set to 27" its set to 47lb for now and feels like a glove. Oh something I probably shouldn't forget. I shoot left handed when I use sites, on account that I am left eye dominant. I have only shot that bow a few times.

So if I were to get another bow for target shooting what would my options be?
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