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New to game cameras

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New to game cameras as we don't have a lot of whitetails mostly mulies.I would like some input on cameras to stay away from & home brews.I think I would like to do some trading first off for a couple of good used trail cams as I have lots of surplus stuff.Please let me know if you have any tips or camera info.Tx.gollum
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We use the Moultrie D40 cameras. They are super easy to use and we are getting a lot of great pictures. I had heard negative comments on the battery life with older models that used Lantern Batteries. I went with newer cameras that use D-batteries and haven't had any problems with battery life.

A friend of mine got the Moultrie IR and says that is all he would every buy, if they weren't so expensive. I have seen the pictures and they are nice. They show moon phase, temp, and all that . . .
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