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Sounds like your mostly on the right track.
But your broadheads,,,personaly I don't like the Thunder heads or any other Trocar type head,,,I want pure "cuttting" from the word go,,plus I belive those poke a hole/then cut type heads cause a lot of unnessasary pain to the the animal.
Mechanicals are even worse in that department,plus most stringbows don't have the KE to open them reliabley.
My advice is to buy any brand name cut on contact two blade,,,or two blade with the smaller insert blades to make them into a 4 blade,,,,then buy a KME sharpener,,,,,,an maybe you should buy the KME first.
I don't have much faith in 3 blade heads,,,,I've never seen a really sharp one yet,,,an I've seen a heck of a lot of them.
You'll read a lot of advice on broadheads,,about 2 blades out penetrating multi blades ect,,,fact is,if any broadhead is "really" as sharp as is should be,they all dang near fall through deer sized animals.
If peneration is an issue,,,the problem is not with the broadhead,it's with the guy that didn't sharpen it properly.
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