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New Trophy Room

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I just got done remodeling my new trophy room, so I thought I share a couple of pics.


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Man I love those wood walls and ceiling!! Nicely done!! Easton94
Very awesome!
Nice room man, it looks great. Good luck getting the buck who used to wear those sheds.
:mg: :mg: :mg: :mg: :mg: WOW! Very Impressive!
cujrh10 said:
So where exactly in IL did you shoot these deer? :wink:
Actually, anywhere from Ogle Co. to Brown Co. and 1/2 dozen counties in between. I've been fortunate enough to hunt quite a few different properties around the state. Never hunted in southern or eastern Illinois though. Maybe someday.....

Thanks for all the compliments guys!
man that room is awesome. I really envy you lol. You have all the luck
please send some of that my way. lol
Man, that is an incredible looking house! Good job on the remodeling it looks great! and Oh yea, Congrats on the nice bucks!
Yeah excellent room mate!
Very nice Id have to where safety glasses in there lest I want an eye poked out with all those points:tongue:
PeterM said:
Yeah excellent room mate!
I'm surprised you didn't point our your weapon of choice in picture #5.:wink:

Here's a close up for you. I thought it was very interesting. The painting actually depicts a hunter tracking a kangaroo, and a group of hunters sitting around a campfire.


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The room looks very nicely done, It is a lot of work sanding, staining and sealing all that knotty pine as I jsut finished mine last year but it sure makes a nice wall for a trophy room. Congratulations on the hard work as it turned out great.
the woodwork is second to none, and, the deer aren't bad either!!!!!:wink:
Very cool! I really like what you did with the sheds.
I see you put Jim's $$$$ to great use!!!!

Look fantastic
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