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Hello all, Just got on board. My Name is Dale Roach, sometimes go by Doc. I live in Green County Indiana and am an Explosives Safety Specialist for the army. Married with two daughters, an adopted son and two granddaughters Been into archery since the early 70's. Got into 3D in it's infancy. When I first started going to shoots, we were shooting paper animals on selsor bales. Then the 2D targets showed up and we were in 7th heaven. Finished 4th at the nationals the last year they were at Clinton. I ended up with a bad case of TP and quit shooting all paper and plastic targets until about a year ago. My boy got me going to shoots and I got the fever again. Wish I'd never quit. Currently shooting a hoyt trykon for hunting, an Apex 7 on 3D and A conquest 3 indoors. It's a long road back to anywhere near my old proficiency, but I'm still having a ball. A lot of technology has passed under the bridge and the new stuff is phenominal. Looking forward to swapping ideas with everyone.
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