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Two new versions of Software For Archers and Shaft Selector will be released soon...V235 and V121, respectively.

Working thru final testing on both.

New Features V235,V121...include decimal velocity and draw weight values. This should make the program compatible for using the Easton Bow Force Mapper readings that are in decimal format. Also, Sight Tape velocity spreads so you can print up to 5 velocities above or below a target velocity.

release 2.3.5 ??SEP06
Larger Setup Notes..(the clipboard on the toolbar)
Sight Tape velocity spreads

Bug Fixes:
fixed print button on Shaft Comparison Chart not working
corrected effects of percent letoff on shaft selection

If you missed the V234 release of Software For Archers, here's what's in that release...

release 2.3.4 28JUN06
Program Changes:
Added User Notes to Equipment tab
Added Synch marks to velocity..two marks act as micrometer, enter velocity
Added "Shaft Comparison" grid to shaft selection tab

Add FOC filter to spine match database searches
Add NFAA Bunny/Birdy to Tape Footer
Changed Font Size on Tape Footer 11 (from 9)
Set focus to reg code data input field on reg screen activation
Added user notes feature to cover info not on equipment tab
Print User Notes with Equipment Summary
Synch to velocity from scale marks to a chronograph
Synch to marks using two marks and chrono velocity

Bug Fixes:
Fixed Cut Chart angle header displayed in reverse at program start
Fixed runtime errors caused by crap input on efficiency calcs
Fixed mouse move trajectory data display past impact distance
Fixed Calculated velocity on 1st pass during app load
Fixed calculated arrow weight printing as manual weight in user summary
FIxed load, save, delete functions only working in the default user record directory
Fixed up/dn 20-? not activated after registering
Fixed 90Meters not equal to 98.4Yards when converting from SAE to Metric
Fixed HiPin search

Added Gold Tip CAA shaft line
Fixes Pearson GenII 13/14 limb A2A flipped
Added BeiterHunter 3.98H
Added Durvane Predator, Lo-Profile, Savage
Added Barnsdale bows..Classic-X, Ultimate-X, and Redman
Added Reflex Highlander
Added new Shibuya sights
Fixed cam designation for misc Pearson and Rytera models
Fixed Carbon Express Cheetah 300 static spine
Added BassPro,RedHead XSC-33
Added Ross CR331
Added Carbon Impact Vanes
Added Carbon Express Vanes
Added unibushing to Lightspeed and Excel
Added Newberry Spike
Added Evotek
Added Elite
Added HHA sight models

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Vista Support Problems

I can't get your current versions to run on the early versions of Vista (RC1). I understand Vista isn't shipping yet but it will be in a couple of months. I hope you will give it a try and see if there is a way you can support Vista when it ships.

All of the programs I have tried - TAP, AA and yours - have the same problems running under Vista even as administrator.

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Thanks for the heads up. I'll look into it. Any specific error messages associated with it not running on Vista?

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Looks like you have been working hard Larry:)

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The new versions (V235 & V121) are on the website.

If you try to use the "update through the program" feature and it doesn't take you to the program update page, please let me know via e-mail at: [email protected].

If you can't get the program update through the SFA or SS program menus, you'll have to download the new "full" version. Still working out a few kinks in the new website.



Thanks for the logfile. Dang...I hate Microsoft. :mad:


Yep...workin' hard. I'll be implementing some cool "new" features in the not so distant future. :shade:
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