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Have had this in my closet for probably 5 years and after I moved I decided I would try and figure out how to use it.
It's a Jennings Black lightning with some additions.
I've got no clue about arrow length or even what most of these additions are for.
I assume the bits upfront are stabilization and obviously there is some sort of sight affixed that.
The pom poms my best guess is to keep the strings from damaging each other maybe some kind of sound dampening?

Either way and help would be greatly appreciated
some basic info printed on the inside of curve of the bow.

Drawlength: 30

Drawweight: 65

AMO compound string length: 36

Also here are a few snapshots of it

Thanks in advance,

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JT thats pretty old. Not sure how far back it would date but Im queesing in the late 1980's. Thats stabilizer a good one. Simms modular on the front of the bow. Sight is a Pendulum sight that was made to adjust and compensate for shooting from treestand. Hard to tell from the picture but looks like the cables are inline with string, cable rod may need to be adjusted to allow arrow fletching clearance. My suggestion is have the Pro shop give a look it over for you when you go to buy arrow for it. It will certainly still shoot.
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