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newbie in ohio

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Howdy yall from wilmington, ohio. I am trying for the like 4th yr now to get back n 2 huntin and fishin, but aint havin a lot of success. Was told this would b a good place to get help with my archery skills n knowledge as well as a place to possibly sell my bow. I just fell in love with a new bow today when i took my brother to try to sell his. But I want 2 get rid of the 1 i have 1st. n e ways i'll talk 2 yall later probably...
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if you check the classified ads, you will be able to sell your bow most likely. Just make sure that you are honest about the quality and give all neccessary information in your description.

Good luck from another Buckeye. Feel free to PM me for any other help or questions that you may need answered.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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