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nice buck

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Thought I would share the pic of this buck. I hunted this spot last season and had one glimpse of this guy but no shot. We have not had any trail cam pics of him either and we have had trailcams up here for about a year. This guy is a ghost


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If you look close there is my stand right behind the feeder and from this picture to the left of my stand is like a sanctuary. This place is untouched we do not ever go in there and no one hunts around this area so that deer should stay there year round. That is where all of our bucks in that area bed. This is our 2nd sanctuary on the property the first one has worked out real nice and last year produced to deer over 175 and many 150 class deer. This was our first year to put out protein for a full year and it is unbelievable what this stuff does. It has added over 20lbs per deer and the rack sizes just sky rocketed.
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