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Up for sale is my Nikon ProStaff Laser 440 Ranger finder in the original box with the original case and paperwork. This one is accurate to 1/2 yard. It has been used very little and has very little wear. Works perfectly. It is water resistant 8x20 6.3 and it is 8 power (8x20).

Here's what the box says:

High contract LCD display
Original digital processor for consistent, accurate measurements
Single button control for easy operation
Continuous tracking feature allows ranging of multiple or moving targets
Focusing & Power monocular: Allows crisp focus at any yardage
High speed digital readout: Displays distance from 10.5 to 100 yards in 1/2 yard increments, 100 to 437 yards in 1 yard increments - all with incredible 1/2 yard accuracy.
Power button: Single button control for fast, easy, accurate measurements, automatically powers down to reduce battery drain
Mode Button: Allows switching from yards to meters
Ultra compact size: Fits in pocket or pack, can be worn on belt without interfering with shot
High Contract LCD Display: For easy ranging, even in bright sunlight.

I only accept paypal and only ship to continental US. TYD via priority mail USPS shipping for just $140. PM me for more info.


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