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I have nine (9) RX7-22xx (475 spine) for sale that are ready to shoot. Includes shafts, Easton Super Nocks, 4” Gateway feathers, and a doz one-piece bullet points, nine with lead added for a total point weight of 156 gr (+/- 2 gr), remaining three are 100gr. Groove to end of aluminum is 29 ¼”. Buyer’s choice to leave the extra weight in the pts or remove before shipping, glue in or leave out.

These were set up and used for tuning and practice, but were too stiff for my 36# 29” DL, so I went back to my trusty old 2212 w/ 200gr points for the indoor season. I suspect if I went up to 200gr in the RX they would have tuned, but I bought them to reduce pt weight.

100$ tyd or trade for RX-21xx 30” shafts. Please PM for additional photos, questions, offers. Thanks.

RX7 22xx.jpg
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