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Nitro left hand cam wanted 1.5, 2 or 3 (small or large)

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Hi all

Yesterday the top cam drawstring peg literally snapped off during a shot on my Scepter V. A shame as the bow was shooting very well.

I'm after replacements and with a 30" draw either one left hand Nitro 1.5 or a pair of either the 2 or the more recent 3S or 3L. Could you PM me if you have any of these you'd be willing to sell please.

Does anybody now if there is an equivalent replacement? I saw in an earlier thread that the newer Martin Smoke cams are a direct replacement? Are there any others? I have emailed martin but not yet heard back.

Also is it common for a draw string peg to sheer off? I guess metal fatigue, i have had the bow since 2013??

thanks all

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Makaveli is correct. My 2011 left handed Shadowcat came that way from the factory. I recently ordered new cables and string from Extreme Strings we had a discussion about this and he contacted Martin and confirmed that was correct.
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