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NJ Season Opener 10/4 Zone 34

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Well, This morning was my season opener for Zone 34 in NJ. Yesterday, I made all of my preperations.... washed all my hunting clothes in sports wash, hung them outside, assembled my slick tricks, spun tested my arrows for square, loaded up the quiver, got together all of my gear (flashlight, knife, rubber gloves, etc....) Opened my drawer to grab my true talker.... NAH, I've never had good luck grunting in a buck in early season.... So I checked my list, had everything ready.

Alarm went off at 4:30am... I go take my shower, scrub down with HS green soap, Dry off with my scent free towel, spray my bare body down with Atsko No-Odor, creep outside buck naked (was a bit chilly) sprayed each piece down with no-odor before putting them on my body, and Now I am fully dressed. I am hunting on my own property so no need to get in the Jeep, so I grab my bow and my pack, and head off to the stand. I get there undetected, climb up and get settled in. Its now about 6am and I can hear hoof steps in the leaves.. Now, I'm getting excited!! Still to dark to see, but its getting close... I am hearing deer moving all around me... Finally 6:35am rolls around and I can everything pretty well at this point... 7:am a nice mature doe comes in, I come to full draw.... The very second I reach full draw, I hear a buck grunt, then again he grunts, then I hear him raking his antlers in a tree... So I let down my draw, the doe feeds for about 2 minutes in front of me and walks off.... The buck NEVER came in :mad: And if you remember I didnt bring my grunt tube!!! :mad::mad:

So I sat until 9:10am and nothing else came in, so I will try again this afternoon and let y'all know how I make out.

Good Luck to everyone...

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hell of a morning it go tonight?
What happened tonight, Any Luck? I have a frezer full of meat already and am Bucked out until Nov.1st when we start the Permit Season...:sad: Let us know...:wink: J.R.
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