I have only one dozen of each of the carbon shafts listed below that have been sitting unused and would like to recoup some of my cost by fletching/cutting them for you. The only fletching and colors available are shown in the photos. They include 5"/4"/3" shield cut feathers, 4"/3" AAE Trad Vanes, or 2" Blazer vanes (for compound shooters). I have some wraps, but the only ones available are Onestringer flourescent orange (very durable). I will cut them to your specified length.

1) 1 dozen Gold Tip White Camo XX-400-XX Blemish (all full length)
2) 1 dozen Gold Tip Hunter 400 - two have been cut and shot a few times but like new (one is 29.5" from nock throat, the other 30.5")
3) 1 dozen Victory V-Force (all full length)

Cut to length is included in that price.