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I have done a lot of measuring and thinking about my bow and had a question to see if what I've found seems normal or is by design (as opposed to by whacked out configuration).

My nock point has been set and re-set and with an arrow not drawn ends up at nearly the exact same place each time, so I'm fairly confident that the nock point is correct.

I have noticed that the nock point is nowhere near the midpoint of the string - it's about 3 inches higher than the midpoint.

So, doing some deductive reasoning, with equal amounts of the string being wrapped around my identical cams, at full draw that nock point being higher than the midpoint of the string would end up in the arrow being pointed downward at a fairly substantial angle, which is what I've noticed in photographs of myself and others drawing this bow of mine. At rest (not drawn), the arrow is nearly level.

If this is true, then the nock arcs downward approaching level as the arrow is released. With a dual cam system like I've got, I thought the idea was straight-and-level nock travel upon release.

Is this by design? If so, what is the reasoning behind this? I've measured my string, axle-to-axle distanct, cables, tiller, brace height, and draw weight and all are very close to factory spec (within my measuring ability limits). This leads me to two possibilities: 1. My bow is designed this way, or 2. My bow is really whacked out.

I suspect it's by design, but I'd really love to understand the reasoning behind it.

Thanks for your input!

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Make sure your arrow is running through the centre of the berger hole.
Put your nocking point at 90 degs so the arrow is square to the arrow rest.
Then shoot through paper and adjust your nocking point up or down to sort out any high or low tears.
Job done.
I have 5 bows and have never measured the string centre on any of them.

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