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Non-Typical Climber Treestand
Brand New in the Factory Box!!!! ----125 Dollars!!! Buyer pays shipping

Ameristep® Non-Typical Climber is lightweight and strong. It has welded aluminum construction for lightness and long lasting durability. This climber has insulated pivot joints. Each pivot joint is insulated with lubricated washers for quietness under extreme field conditions. Reversible Speed Strap is a hassle-free reversible adjustment strap eliminating noisy ratchet or labor intensive screw-in devices. This allows the hunter to position the buckle and final attachment loop on either side of the tree trunk for added convenience and speed.
The stands Vertical Channel Contacts consists of a multiple contact system positioned directly behind the seat allows left to right platform leveling for not-so-perfect trees. The Accessory Port System allows quick attachment of plug-in accessories like the bow holder and padded shooting rest for the multi-season hunter. Also equipped is a removable seat pad. The seat cover and pad may be easily detached for protection from the elements should you decide to leave your stand out for any length of time. Camouflaged padded backpack straps offer comfort and quick adjustability.

Features :

Controlled leverage climbing system
Pivot arms grip to tree
Rubber compression speed cable locking system
Angled toe brace eliminates footrest
Safety lock cinch straps
Padded multi-position shooting rest
Aircraft grade aluminum
Detachable ComfortMax Seat
Accessory Port System (APS)
Five point full body harness
20" x 32" Platform Size
Rated for 300 lbs., weighs 19 lbs.
TMA -Approved Full Body Safety Harness included
Always wear a safety harness
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