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NOOB Alert!!!

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Hello everyone, I am new to hunting. I went one time with my father when i was about 8 years old. He was a recurve shooter. I enjoyed hanging out in the stand and being surrounded by nature is simply amazing. I live out here in Delaware and recently purchased a house that affords me the oppurtunity to hunt, having a bean field in front a corn field to the left a pond directly behind along with 19 acres of woods. I recently purchased the new bow tech assassin as my first hunting bow, before that I was using a Golden Eagle to target shoot. I always heard stories from an older guy (56yrs old) at work talk about all his great hunts and it really got me interested along with my next door neighbors and his black bear, bobcat pelts, boar heads, antelope, and white tail mounts. I am really excited for this year and cant wait to share some awesome stories with the group!
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