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northern ny 3d schedule

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hope this works


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Our indoor shoot is today shot last nite with the club members and scored 270 out of 300 :) thats good for me.
See everyone at Black lake 4/23
OKay Ogdensburg, N.Y. snuck an indoor shoot in on 3/26/06.

Scored a 298 good for 4th in the hunter class. Happy is me!:darkbeer

Come join us 4/23 at Black lake, uh oh or Racquette Valley " serving breakfast" Which one or both???????????????
was a good shoot. but should have told about the 12 ring. o well was still a blast! took 3rd
4/23 Black lake & Racquette valley probably rained out did anybody Go!
4/30 Dannemora Siberian Club weather looks good so I plan on going, anyone else?

Our league just held the last indoor 3d nite one target had to be shot by shooting through a 4 inch hole in wire screen:eek: I shot two tens but fletching looks like it was run through a grater:cry: High score 273 mine:wink:
4/30/06 Dannemora My first outdoor shoot in about 5-6 yrs Shot a 302 , 40 targets, Second round was real bad :eek: Hunter class

raquetvalley was not a great shoot. had hunter shooting mbr stakes.

but danamora was a great shoot!!! This was by far one of the best i have ever been to!! Good job to the crew that ran it. they pushed us all but kept it in reason. I took second with a 367.
Nick congrats to you and your wife nice shooting:)

Very well run shoot! Aaron and the Dannemora/ Gander mountain crew did a great job!

Seriously, I would like to have some of these guys watch me shoot and give me some pointers.
found an excuse for doing so bad the second round of targets in dannemora:pukey: my peep rotated and was not lining up duh:confused: at least now i can blame it on equipment:darkbeer:

alwase mark the peep. write the sight marks and toss them in the quiver and i trace the sight in pencile on the bow. then i know what is moving.
new shoot

shoot today at plattsburgh rod and gun reg is 8-11 and it is on rt 9
Nick, did you shoot our group planned on going to canton on sunday I stayed home I hate the rain! I plan on going back to dannemora on the 28th.
Is the Ogdensburg club having a shoot other than the one in August ?
I spoke to an ogdensburg club member and he advised me to call to confirm the date of the august shoot!
Went to the Dannemora shoot. What a beautiful day! My group didn't show up today, but I got the the chance to shoot with Nick & Chris & Aaron :) . 3 real nice people. sure does help to shoot with those who shoot better than you! Nick & Chris placed :) :) :)
I shot a 340? the last time I shot a 302......38 point improvement yup I'll take it:darkbeer:

How far was that BONUS Caribou 85 yards ????????? Ouch:eek:

The Dannemora club puts on a well organized shoot.

yep was a good shoot i missed my goal by one point! grrrr ill get you charley. lol

aron did win the caribou shot.

good shootin big dog. ever want to come down and shoot a bit just drop a line and we can do a walk around. later nick
Great, thanks, maybe I can get home from Iraq, tune up my old York and catch one or two before season! :wink: :darkbeer:
Does tupper lake have a website anymore? Did they ever post the scores from last year anywhere? Looking forward to the mountain challenge again this year........
Rick James said:
Does tupper lake have a website anymore? Did they ever post the scores from last year anywhere? Looking forward to the mountain challenge again this year........
Not sure about the website, but saw it listed somewhere on the web as a shoot coming up soon I think..... I probably won't be home in time.:confused:

The Tupper Lake Mountain Challenge is August 26th-27th

The next northern ny shoot is Canton, NY June 11th Hope to see you there!

JL, looking forward to see you at our shoots upon your return!:)
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