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Note Book or Sight Tape

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What do you folks do? Do you use a sight tape or use the scale on the sight and a notebook?
I am asking the folks who shoot known distance. I am shooting a 40-50-60 event and some 50m stuff.
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I keep a card in my quiver with the scale settings for the different yardages. Not sure why but I always found sight tapes were never quite as accurate for me. Weird I guess but just the way I like it.
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I keep my card in one of those hard plastic sports card holders with scotch tape over the end. Pretty much waterproof and indestructible. Ask me how I figured out how to do that sometime lol.
Like 2 1/2 x 3 or something like that. The card holder came about after I dropped my paper card in a swampy spot and accidentally stepped on it. Really hard to tell the difference between the 60 yard setting and 80 yard setting on a soggy, muddy half destroyed piece of paper Lol.
Phone app good for Nfaa but not legal for world archery shoots. No electronics allowed.
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