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Note Book or Sight Tape

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What do you folks do? Do you use a sight tape or use the scale on the sight and a notebook?
I am asking the folks who shoot known distance. I am shooting a 40-50-60 event and some 50m stuff.
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I am leaning that way. One reason I like this approach is there are no compromises or transferring data. What it says on my sight doesn't fade, tear, shift or change.
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Yes … to the “or” question.

For a 40/50/60 yard format.
Sight in using the scale on milled on the sight.
Record those exact settings

Then move +/- 1 yard and record those setting as well.

Then mount a “sight tape” on the other side. Notice the quotes. Sure you could go with a “conventional tape” either purchased or created by a program like Archer’s Advantage.

But you could also go with a sight tape with only those three yardage marks.

Application. Use the “sight tape“ to avoid a gross error. Then use the marks milled on the sight to set the actual setting.

Try this … set the sight using a sight tape, then see how much you can adjust the sight using the sight marks and seeing how much difference you notice on the sight tape.

Point being — the sight marks are much more repeatable than the sight tape.

Also note I suggested getting the sight marks for +/- 1 yard. If you do 900 rounds, you may well discover that some are set up with measuring tapes — to the inch. But some are set up with range finders and could easily be off by a yard or so.

As you prep —

Go to the precise yardage and set the sight mark for 1 yard long and see how high it hits. Then set it for one yard short and see how low it hits.

Then reset the sight for the exact yardage but move a yard short (ie use your 60 yard pin at 59 yards). Note how high you hit over the aimpoint.

Then move a yard long — without changing the sight setting. Not how far below the aimpoint you hit.

A final step — assuming you have a range finder. Measure out the distance using a measuring tape. Use the range finder to range at 1 yard short, at the distance, and one yard long.

With that information, you have the ability to make an informed decision about what sight setting you actually need when on the line in a tournament.

1. Don’t make a gross error
2. Get a good guess at the range — yes, I know they said 60/50/40 … but is it really?
3. Set the sight mark accordingly
4. Make an informed decision if you need to adjust

So you have a sight tape
And you have a card (sample with bogus numbers … create your own … with data like this at 60/50/40 yards

61 yards [183’] (ranged 61.3): 86.25
60 yards [180’] (ranged 60.5): 85.65
59 yards [177’] (ranged 59.7): 86.15

Just add the mark and info for 50 meters on the sight tape and your note card.
Thanks, I had not considered adding in numbers that at just to either side of the stated yardage.
I’ve never used a note book. I’ve used the scale about 99% of the time for the past 15 years or so.

When I used OT2 years ago I made sight cards from the printed marks sheet. When I switched to AM years ago I just print the marks and make cards the size of a business card and keep it in my release pouch.

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Note book or sight card, still the same concept. Thanks for reinforcing my ideas.
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