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Hello All! I'm fairly ignorant of the bow market. I currently shoot a PSE Super-G manufactured as a package deal for Cabelas and want to get a higher end bow in 2010. Does anyone know where I can find side-by-side objective information to learn about the various bow styles/manufacturers/models? So much of the feedback seems to be either brand based (either too brand loyal or too brand agnostic) or based on subjective things (like it pulls "smooth"). Also, I am skeptical of the manufacturers' marketing information.

Examples of questions I have are:

What does the pulley-based cable guides (like Matthews) do versus the non-cable based?

Is there an advantage of a dual cam vs. a solo cam?

Is there an advantage of a past-parallel limb design (like Hoyt carbon matrix) vs. parallel limb design?

Do any of the manufacturers have unique technologies / materials?
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