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Obsession Final Cut Tuning Problem

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So I picked up a #60/27.5 Final Cut. I could not get it to ATA spec with the stock string set. I even put zero twist in the strings and cables so they are at their longest length and I still couldnt get to the spec ATA. So I ordered a set of Vaportrails and it helped a little bit but I still could not get the bow to spec measurements. So I got it as close as possible which is about 1/2" below spec. I laser checked the cam lean at full draw and at brace and they are 100% straight down the middle. I cannot get a consistent tear through paper and if I use a blade rest or a limb driven rest the rests tune through paper in all different directions. They will not tune down the middle. Do I just have a lemon bow or is this a common headache with this true shoot through design?