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Oh crap another i shot the monster thread!!!

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Well its true I shot both the Monster and the Reason today. Here's my honest opinion no holds barred. As some of you well know I am a died in the well Hoyt guy for life, that being said I was not disappointed both were what I had imagined and I can honestly say a bit better then I was expecting.
I am not a fan of that particular dealer "AT ALL" but managed to put up with him long enough to shoot both bows and make a timely exit.
My opinion is this, The reason is a nice looking bow with great fit and finish, the draw Weight on both was very low on both ( which hides alot of the harshness) but I thought it to be much smoother then anticipated.
I liked it and would recommend it to any one interested in a Mathews for sure.
I shot the Monster first and thought it looked pretty dang cool, And to the lay person slightly like the X Force, but not really , I thought it was awfully heavy but hey it is what it is( I loved the Katera but allot of Mathews guys tore it up because it was to heavy remember)that being said I didn't think it was all that harsh and it was very quick even at low poundage it was set at.
Both were poorly tuned and had spongy walls and I was not impressed with that, but that's not Mathews fault , that's the dealer's screw up!! I shoot an immaculately tuned Hoyt Vantage Elite with 41" ATA and it has a better wall so this tells me there is something wrong with his set up skills, or at least I hope so any way!! Mathews hunting bows for the most have always had good walls in my opinion but not the two I tried today. Not picking any fights here folks its just a factual tidbit. I know if I were a Mathews guy I be pretty proud to own ether but "IF" I was to choose I would have every Reason to buy the Reason. Good luck and God bless:typing::wink: