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I have to ask this question. I thought I knew the answer but found out I didn't.

What is the BRACE on a bow? Is it the area of the riser which houses the grip? All this time I thought the riser was the brace.

I'm sooo.....:confused: :confused: :confused:

(aka lug nut)
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Hello GolfinHunter:

All questions are good ones.

Here's a picture for you.

The brace height is Item No. 8 in the picture.

The limbs are under pressure, even when the bow is at rest.
(limbs are bent slightly). Engineers call this the "pre-load".

Some bows have a 10 pound range for draw weight,
e.g. 60-70 lbs.

When the brace height is correct
and the axle to axle measurement is correct
and when you have the limb bolts at maximum,
you will most likely be able to reach the maximum draw weight
for that bow.
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