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Old Style Rangefiders

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I'm looking for some input on the old style type of range finders. I would like the laser type but really can't afford one. Are the old style adequate for bowhunting? Any inputs would be appreciated.

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I have the TRL75 and you need great eyes to use it. The longer the ranges the more off it is. Works O.K. for ranging trees on stand by OK I mean good to 30-40 yards. When the images come together they don't seperate out the other side until 5-10yards further in the scroll. If you calibrate it for when the images exactly come together it is OK. If you really put time in and practice and use it frequently it could work quite well but you have to learn the tool.

If you really want to try one I'll trade mine for a decent release or some arrows.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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