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One of my best hunts

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I had one of the greatest hunts of my life tonite I took my son and a young gentleman that is leaving for Iraq in a few weeks with me tonite i set him up on a spot that usually produces and my son and I went to our spot and no sooner than i set up he texted me saying he just shot a doe, this man has hunted for 4 years and not got one so it was real nice to help a soldier get his first made me go back a few when i got my first he was so excited until we got to the dirty work LOL My son was along for the blood trail he was actually the one who found blood first and we followed it up a steep hill and at the top lost it and then all of a sudden he started howling like a hound dog I found her , I found her then he was gone in a blink of an eye running down the hill to get too it Prob one of the best hunts ill ever have and i never even hunted Gottta love this sport, I gave him a hug and shook his hand and told him come home safe atleast i gave home some good memorys to take with him he was likea kid in a candy. i CANT POST PICS BECAUSE THERE ON HIS PHONE and he is packing up monday to ship out too a base somewhere
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