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oneida serial numbers

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How do you tell what year a Black Eagle bow is? What changes were made year to year?
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oneida black eagle serial numbers

Here are the black eagle serial numbers. This should help.

The black eagle came out in sometime in 1999.
Origonally was a cast riser and there were also some machined risers.
The cast risers were stamped with blackeagle.
Some of the early model black eagle split kcams and used the kcam modules.
CPOneida Eagle Bows purchased the company on December 8th 2000.
The 2001 models were improved by adding a radius to the hinges.
The grip was modified with a groove added.
Moved ildler wheels location on riser to improve alignment with timing wheels and to make it easier to work on putting the timing cable.
Redesigned timing cable channel in riser to relieve pressure on timing cable going over window.
In 2003 came out with ESC outboard limbs.
In 2006 came out with a new riser.
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