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me and my hunting buddies started onpoint outdoor productions. we are based out of central/nw ohio. i just wanted to inform you guys of our videos to be coming out this year and tell us what you would like to see as the viewer. we hope to bring you groundhog hunts and whitetail hunts. our production is different because we are average guys, we use very little scentlok,although we do worry about scent control. we hope to hear from you guys soon so we kno what the viewers want from us because we do this for you.

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Here are a few ideas...

1. If you ever do go Scentlok... don't let Scott from Scentlock appear on the show... I always tune out that section of the Drury shows. Awful.

2. Don't have a pre-pubescent 'stache like the guy from Backland outdoors. Makes me want to shave it with my free sonic head. Sorry... don't like that show. i'm sure the chicks dig it, though.

3. Don't mix religion and pseudo-/psycho-religion with hunting. I just don't like feeling like I'm at church when watching hunting (Fitzgerald / Ted Nugent)

4. Don't mix hunting and the X-games.... not sure who's doing that, but i'm seeing more and more of it.

5. Don't show a hunt where you're shooting deer at 300 yards with a high powered rifle. Boring stuff.

6. no canned hunts, no high fence.

7. Roger Raglin... don't be.

8. Jackie Bushman (see Roger Raglin)

9. Groundhogs? Really? I can see that being a ton of fun to hunt them, but thinking watching somebody else do that might not be overly captivating

10. If you have a couple of 'sayings' that are popular between you and your friends, great. All guys do. But i cringe when the guys from Slunger Hollow use the word 'Slunger', or say 'Can you dig it?'

11. Honestly, I'll get bashed for this. But I don't like watching the youth hunts. I can't wait to take my son. I remember my own. I understand the 'beauty' of the situation... but I'd rather see something other than a 12 year old plugging a 1.5 year old buck.

Here's what i like... now that i'm done ranting.

1. Knowing what went into getting there... like Roadtrips and Gettin' Close both do a good job of that. Drury as well with the vids and the year round activity

2. Good footage (gotta give the Drury's credit there... theirs is awesome)

3. seeing what products you use, but not as a commerical. If we can tell what product we used, that's enough.

4. The 'real hunting' on Slunger Hollows. They keep improving.

Man... just read that. I'm quite the critical jerk. Oh well. I watch a lot of this stuff.
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