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Opening Day Success, Pearson TX-4

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God blessed me opening day in West Tennessee. I set up near a huge White Oak well before sunrise. Three bucks come in from behind me and tested every nerve in my body. As deer always do, they sensed something wasn't right. This buck stood directly behind my tree for 15 minutes. I can't turn, and can't draw on him. Finally he moves about 4 yards closer, so he is now about 11 yards, and I take a quartering to shot (don't crucify me). My Vapor Pro 4000 with Crimson Talon Blades hits the front shoulder dropping him in his tracks. With that combination and my Pearson TX-4 I was amazed at how hard he was hit.

Check out the camo at

I hope God blesses all the guys on AT this season. You will be able to see this hunt on our On Target Adventures video coming out this spring.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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