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Shooting a 09 Dren Ld...30"DL... bout 64-65 lbs

Hunting and target

will a Goldtip 7595 pro hunter work and what length should I cut it to for optimal spine? also what would FOC, total weight and FPS be

29.5 inch carbon to carbon arrow
100 grain FP/BH
11.4 grain insert
15 or so grains in vanes
11.5 grain nock

I would do it myself, but my computer recently crashed with my OT2 on it and I'm just now getting things up and moving....thanx in advance

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Optimal Spine for...
Hunting Filter=0.3418
Both Filter=0.3503

Looking good...

When you get the computer to the point where you can e-mail, contact me via the Pinwheel Software support e-mail or the info e-mail in the website footers.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts