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Only somewhat, I'm sure! Pls chime in for anything further - Got a Spot Hogg site, Trophy Taker Smackdown rest, Trophy Ridge stab, Tru Fire release, Primos bow sling, pulled the peep tubing and enlarged the opening & it stayed aligned at full draw, so besides a new string?? The range is setup in the sideyard and until the new year I should just practice and practice some more. I just wanted to go get a FT for the ooomph, but then I thought since my last bow was a 1990's Martin..... Maybe I should get this one set up just so and practice the crap out of it with that nice 7" brace height and get truly proffecient with it.

Taking my Dad on a Yukon guided moose hunt for the 2015 season and would really like to drag along the bow for caribou after the swamp donkey is anchored and I can relax...
Any input on making THIS bow a better shooting rig are appreciated, already freaks me out how nice this new stuff is - but any edge is welcomed.


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