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Overspined VS. Underspineed

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Hey Fellas,
Below are tips to improve broadhead flight.
Please try to explain this to me. I'm having a heck of a time understanding this.

if an arrow is underspined that means it's too weak, correct. Why would you increase bow weight or decrease arrow spine when it's already underspined. Am I mixing this up?

And if an arrow is overspined, wouldn't that mean it's too stiff, which would require a heavier draw weight or decrease in spine or broadhead weight.

3. Arrow underspined, increase bow weight or decrease arrow spine or increase broadhead weight.

4. Arrow overspined, decrease bow weight or increase arrow spine or decrease broadhead weight.

any help would greatly be appreciated.
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You have it backwards, my friend! :wink:

If an arrow is overspined, that means it is too stiff for the draw-weight and point-weight you are currently shooting. To make it shoot well, you need to:

1) Increase draw-weight....
2) Increase point weight....

If an arrow is underspined, you need to:

1) Decrease draw-weight....
2) Decrease point-weight....

Make sense now? :)
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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