Bow hunters know better than anybody that the quickest way to be busted by a deer is if it smells you. The new Ozonics HR500 is designed to mess with that particular deer defense mechanism.

Ozonics is well known in the bow-hunting world, as it is the only active scent control technology on the market. Founded back in 2007, Ozonics depends on its patented use of Ozone for active scent elimination. You can find other scent control products out there that only work on existing odors before you head to the field (so you had better not start sweating!), but Ozonics continually fights odor for the duration of your hunt.

Ozonics HR500

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If you don’t own any active scent control technology for bow hunting, the new Ozonics HR500 is well worth investing in. The ability to keep your scent away from the impressive noses of whitetail deer is worth its weight in back straps.

However, even if you do already have an existing Ozonics product like the HR300 or an OrionX in your arsenal, the new HR500 offers some enticing upgrades.

Perhaps most important, the HR500 is noticeably quieter in boost and Hyperboost mode. This is thanks to a reconfigured fan placement and a new phoenix circuit board. The result is a 40% reduction in noise compared to the OrionX in boost mode. It’s as quiet as a church mouse.

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Ozonics also outfitted the HR500 with some new functionality. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can control and monitor the unit from your phone via the Ozonics app. So if a shooter buck comes into view, you can discreetly change the mode and increase ozone output without having to reach for the unit and fumble with buttons, which can potentially alert the deer to your presence. The Ozonics app also allows you to monitor the battery life of your HR500, so you always know how much power you have left. Additionally, you can check your local weather conditions, which means you’ll know what Mother Nature plans to throw at you. The app is free to use and can be downloaded from the Apple app store or Google Play.

If you want another option for controlling the Ozonics HR500, you can add an optional remote key-fob. This lets you alter ozone output at the press of a button.

“With the HR500, we set out to reduce noise, and provide greater flexibility in the user experience.” said Ozonics President Buddy Piland. “With the new circuit board, Bluetooth functionality, and new Ozonics app, we feel the HR500 is the unit every hunter will want to take to the woods with them this year.”

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As you’d expect with an Ozonics product, the HR500 is compact and lightweight enough to easily carry with you in the field. It takes up very little space in your pack and won’t weigh you down if you have a long walk to your stand.

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