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I am a Pro-staff/Sales Rep for Bruzer Gear and I am working my way through college by selling this great gear. All I have to say is the product is definitely worth the money!!

Check out all of our great Bruzer Gear items such as backpacks, bow/rifle holders, and spotting scope cases! I can get great deals on the stuff, including almost all accessories for only $20! These are just a few items listed on the website and the prices that I can get them for:

Main Pack---$280.00
Mid-sized Pack---$170.00
Day Pack---$120.00
Trail Pack---$110.00
Fanny Pack with Shoulder Straps---$90.00

The pictures attached to this post are of the Day Pack...Please check them out.

To find the site for more products, pictures and even some demonstration videos, just google search Bruzer Gear. It should be the first link.


Jen L.


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