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Pap Bears

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Has any one heard of Pap Bears? I heard about it from a friend and told me that it was between Madison and Milwaukee. He said it was on the east side of Johnson Creek. He said it was a an awesome place to shoot and had a lot of stuff there. i was just wondering if any one had heard about this place and could possibly give me an address.
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Doesn't any one know what I'm talking about
Nope, sorry, not someplace I've heard of nor heard brought up in conversations regarding ranges between Madison and Milwaukee. Not to say it doesn't exist, just never heard of them.

Unless you're talking about Pappas which is about 20mi or so west of Madison? I know they have shooting lanes and a pro shop at their place.

Buck Rub?

Pappas is in Arena west of Madison as Jeff said.

Buck Rub is the only place I recall east of JC. It is considered Waukesha I believe.
no clue never heard of it
Little Johns is between Madison and Milwaukee. I belive its in Marshall.
NO, thats not it. I've been there.
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