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Wanting to have a go at Frankenbowing, and knowing that the ATA, brace etc was very similar between my Parker Trailblazer and my Hoyt Razortec gave me an idea.
Having some spare Hoyt Cam & half’s on the shelf just reinforced the thought.
I’d just replaced the Proline strings on the Hoyt with new ones (wanted a different color), so that gave me a set of strings to use.
The cams fitted very well once I worked out the shims I needed.
The strings were fitted at the Razortec specs, and then tweaked just a little.
I had to serve the floating yoke to dial out some top cam lean.

Specs at the moment are; ATA 32 7/8’’, brace of 7 1/8’’, 63lb draw weight (max 66 1/2lbs from 70lb deflection limbs), draw length 28 ½’’.
I put just a few shots through it when it was done (gotta admit to being a bit nervous on the first one LoL), the draw is easy and the shot cycle feels really smooth.
Once I get it properly set up and shooting good I’ll chrono it and see what I got.



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