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Parker Sidekick Slide bar problem

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My younger brother has a parker sidekick bow and whens shooting it the arrows seemed to deflect before leaving the bow. Upon closer examination i noticed that the slide bar on the bow that holds the cables has come loose and is now in the line of arrow flight and the cables are now begining to show wear. Does anyone know a way to pull the cable bar out of the way of the arrow?

THX, Mitch
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See if it will twist back around out of the way and look for a set screw close to the riser. You may be able to tighten it back down if not you could always epoxy it in place.

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I believe the Sidekick has a straight cable rod, held in place with a grub screw.
This has probably come loose and the rod come partially out of the riser, allowing it to angle towards the string.
Back the screw out and see if you can push the rod back into the riser.
Retighten the screw and you should be good to go.

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