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Pasadena Archery Range Closure Vote is This Feb 2 !

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Hello Friends! Russell here. I have a favor to ask.

Use your social media super powers to stop a group of incredibly selfish, hyper wealthy and politically connected people from closing an 80 yr. old archery range simply because they are not archers.

Here in Pasadena Ca. we have the oldest Field Archery Range in the world and an 80yr old archery club.

This range gives back to the community by providing FREE archery lessons to the public every Sat. of the year. We have over 100 people showing up starting as early as 6:45 AM get a place in line. We provide all the equipment and all the fun. We have been doing this through strictly volunteer work for years.

For this a small group of about seven people have called us "barbarians", "renegades", and "radicals" in front of city council meetings. They even proposed a guard gate at the park entrance to keep YOU out of "their" park (their words). They are wealthy political campaign contributors and have made a very strong impression on the city council through their wealth and status. The city council is now split 50/50 on closing the range forever!

Don't allow this to happen by not acting by simply spreading this post around on your social network!

Sign the petition!

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(This photo is from our club. I guess these are the barbarians they are talking about!)

Thank you !!!
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Doesn't sound like the future is promising. What a bunch of idiots. Barbarians? Have they been to a football game lately?

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I have participated in many shoots in Pasadena. It will be a crime if the bigots and fanatics prevail and force the closure of this beautiful range. Please help. I just signed the petition myself.
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