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Pathfinder GTX 6” Hunting Boots
From: Danner Boot Company

The Danner Boot Company has a new addition to their lineup this year. They have introduced a model called the Pathfinder GTX 6" Realtree APG Hunting boot. This boot is designed for use in temperate climates as it is not heavily insulated. The all-camo 1000 Denier upper, decked out in Realtree APG is one of my favorite camo patterns. A GORE-TEX liner gives these units 100% waterproofing and a breathable liner. The TERRA FORCE X platform is lightweight and provides side support to offer greater ability to maneuver on un-level ground. There are polyurethane footbeds and a foam padded collar to provide comfort while moving about. The sole of this boot makes use of Mountain Goat TF design which includes tough outer lugs while the inner lugs are somewhat softer, in theory, to mimic the hoofs of a mountain goat.
I tested these boots in August of 2011 in Michigan's north woods. Being so light in weight, only a 6" high model, and having less insulation than I am used to wearing (being from Michigan) led me to think that they might not be as sturdy as I am used to. However, I was pleasantly surprised in the amount of very good support they did have, especially in side to side applications such as walking on steep oak ridges. I had no trouble maneuvering whether I was travelling along a ridge or whether I was traversing straight up the side. The design of the lugs did give a greater "feel" of the terrain and prevented any real slipping or sliding.
As I stated earlier, the Realtree Camo has always been one of my favorites. This particular one is Realtree APG which is like Realtree AP, but with olive green accents added, a good camo for early season bowhunters.
Another thing about these boots, in which I was pleasantly surprised, was the overall comfort experienced in wearing them for the first time ever, and for the entire day. There did not seem to be a "break-in" period associated with the fact that they were brand new. I put them on in the morning and wore them all day without any discomfort! Even foot fatigue was minimal. That is saying something considering that I am at a disadvantage due to the lack of an arch in my feet (flat feet). There were no "sore spots" on my feet when I took them off back at the cabin after dinner. I guess the inner sole padding that Danner puts into the footbeds truly does it's job.
Lastly, the GORE-TEX liner, which seems to be the standard for excellence in waterproofing, would be almost expected for any hunting boot manufactured these days and Danner did not sell us short.
I would highly recommend the Danner Pathfinder GTX 6" Realtree APG Hunting Boots for early season bowhunters or small game hunters (grouse, squirrels, rabbits, etc.).

Review Written by: Ken Head
Field Staff for:
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