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OK, so I order a Pro Comp Elite XL from Hoyt. I specified that I wanted 65# limbs and spiral x cams 29" DL.
When the bow gets in , I took it home and started adding my accessories. Drew the bow back, to fit my peep, and noticed that the bow felt like a lot more than 65#.
I figured that since I haven't really pulled any weight since last fall, I was just that far out of shape.
So I backed the limbs off three turns each to put the bow in my press, installed the peep then I checked the draw weight.
65# with the limbs backed off three turns. Yikes ! I noticed the buss had a lot of twists in it verses the control cable and string. So I took some twists out. Ended up taking 8 twists out of the buss, and 6 out of the control. Now my draw weight is within one pound (66) of stated draw weight. But the cams seem to be to far away from the string at rest(1/2"). I measured draw length and its about, near as I can tell, 29" give or take 1/16 .
My question is how can I get the cams closer to the string at rest and maintain draw length and weight? I plan on having a custom set of strings made for this bow but I want to make sure the set I have is twisted up correctly before I measure them . Thanks

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