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peep location

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ok where does every one tie their peeps in, and if you use a tied on loop do you tie it on above and below the nock or do you go just below the nock
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I like to set my peep while aiming at a 40 yard target, ~~Reason being~~ I need to hit that 40yd 3d target and it much harder, so I want my form even better while shooting longer shots..Feeling good while aiming at a long shoot sure helps the mental game strut tall and feel good.

serving top & bottle of a D-loop is bad, The top needs to be free to move and not pinch the nock. lots of people have problems keeping there arrow on the rest doing both..I only tie the inside bottom, That's all you need and way add what you don't need???

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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