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peep to target scope cambo

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Not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but i mave a #2 clarifire peep with a 6X scope. At full draw i "loose" the dot, but i can see the target great. Not sure if i need to change the peep insert or if i'm just crazy. According to the manufacturer (Super Ball) the #2 should be the one i need, but i dont know. Has any one else had this problem and what is the salution
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You have too much clarifier. Everyones eyes are different. I had the same problem with a red and had to go down to a green so that I could see both. By ring (dot) is a little blurry but the target is clear. Works for me.

The more clarifier...the clearer the target and blurrier the pin

More Verifier...the clearer the pin the blurrier the target
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