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Perfermance Enhancement Drugs in archery?

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I just noticed this on the IBO's rules on there website. Watch out you my be pulled aside by big Ken to do a pee test at your next IBO shoot :ROFLMAO:

IBO rule
g. Using performance enhancing drugs - Recognizing the IBO / 3-DI affiliation with FITA; the IBO is developing a substance abuse policy. We may be recognizing guidelines along the same structure as those utilized by FITA in their International competitions. Be advised, these guidelines may be implemented in the near future and may come into use with no further warning than this advisory.

Is this a joke? Or does FITA really do this and how does it work?
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Ok.. You heard the man

No more free brownies on the shooting line people!! Don't even ask I won't have any on me:rolleyes:
THC in their bloodstream as well...........there are more than you think

OBT is alwasy talking about the snacky cakes?? Is that Southern talk for performance enhancing brownies?? :embara:
1 - 2 of 48 Posts
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