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4blade without bleeders
Phantom 100 grain
Plywood 3 points (5 points)
Steel drum 4 points (4 points)
Tire 2 points (4 points)
Cutting diameter 3 points (3 points)
Accuracy 4 points (4 points)
Blades 4 points (2 points)
Non-mechanical head 2 points
Total score 22 with a blade sharpness rating of B+ without bleeders the score goes to 24.

The Phantom is a basic two blade, cut on contact head, with bleeder blade inserts. The bleeders are strong, sharp, and full size. The phantom can be shot with or without the bleeders. With them the head weighs 100 grains and without it comes in at 85 grains. With the bleeders penetration is limited, but the amount of cutting surface is doubled. This head will produce one heck of a wound channel and makes a very large hole. Without the bleeders the penetration is increased a good deal, but at the cost of the total amount of cutting surface. Either way the 100grain Phantom preformed very well in the tests.
In the plywood the 4blade version stopped short of full penetration, right at the back of the blades. The head was undamaged. Shot as a two blade the head fully penetrated the wood without damage. In the tire the 4blade again stopped short of complete penetration while the two blade head sliced right through. In both cases there was no damage. In the steel drum both the two and 4 blade configurations penetrated the first side with the tip sticking in the back wall. The bleeders were knocked loose, but the cutting surface remained. I found the accuracy to be excellent as both a 2 and 4 blade head. With a properly tuned bow you won’t have any trouble getting great accuracy.
Overall the 100grain Phantom preformed pretty much the same as the bigger 125grain head and should make an excellent choice for those wanting either a lightweight two, blade head or for those looking for a large cut on contact style 4 blade.
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